Marketing Yourself, Generating Revenue, and Increasing Your Value Wrap-Up
You’ve worked hard for weeks on generating revenue for the firm. It’s certainly difficult balancing your regular work and bringing business, but you’ve managed to find the balance. If you can keep up this work in the future, you will see all of your hard work pay off. You now have all of the tools you need to continue on your journey. You’ve learned how to network and how often to network. Most importantly, you’ve learned that everything you need to be successful at bringing business can be done in an hour (or so) a day. This week, we recap everything that you need to do to generate revenue. All you need to do is to continue networking!

Make face time

It’s so important to get out among the people. Do whatever you can to meet people each and every week. If you have a family or a long commute, maybe you’ll want to go to breakfast or lunch meetings. Find a charity group or a practice area, or a local bar group or anything else that interests you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the legal field, it just has to be an event where you can talk and meet others.

Social media is your friend

When it comes to quick networking, social media is the best! You never have to leave your desk, and you can communicate with other people quickly and easily. Make sure that you check in with your social media accounts as often as possible to update your status and comment on the status of others. Remember, social media only works with two-way communication. You can’t simply state what you’re doing and not comment on others’ progress or answer questions they may have. “Introduce” yourself to people on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and start communicating!

You can be a blogger, too!

Even though it may be something you never thought possible, you can be a blogger. Blogging is nothing more than providing information through a modified website. Create a blog about your practice area. Answer questions that people ask every day. (If one person asks, there are at least 10 others with the same question.) Build yourself up to be the expert within your legal space. People will continue to come back to you with questions, and with time, you may earn their business.

Business cards mean business

Even though you may not think that the guy in the elevator or the person behind you in line at the coffee shop need your business card, give it to them anyway. I’ve met many attorneys who get business this way. It’s simple, it doesn’t take any time out of your day and it works! Be sure to give them your “elevator pitch” as well. They should know what you do and how they may be able to use your services. Be sure that you listen to what they do, as well. You may need their services someday!

Follow up with everyone

Any time you meet someone or get a business card, an email, or a question on LinkedIn you should follow up with the person via email or with a phone call. You should also make sure that the person and their contact information is in your online address book. You never know when this information may come in handy. The more people you know and know you, the more chances your services will be needed.

Persistence is key

Even if you haven’t generated revenue yet (which will be most of you), don’t give up! Sometimes it takes awhile to bring business, particularly when you’re new to the game. However, don’t worry about the time. Your efforts will pay off eventually. Stick with the tips we’ve given, and eventually you will be viewed as one of the most valuable attorneys at the firm!

Now you’re ready! You have all the tools you need. If you have any questions, or if you need some inspiration along your path to generating revenue, be sure to contact us. We’ve all been there, and we know this can be a difficult journey. Whatever you do, keep going.
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