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It appears that law firm mergers are hip again, and California is where everyone wants to be!

A variety of firms merged throughout the country, three of those mergers were between national firms and California firms. Philadelphia’s Fox Rothschild absorbed Chan Law Group, Dallas-based law firm McKool Smith acquired Los Angeles-based Hennigan Dorman and Kansas City firm Polsinelli Shugart merged with another Los Angeles firm, Quateman.

So, why does everyone want to be in California?

Delia Swan, principal at Swan Legal Search, says that California has always been a destination for law firms. “Unfortunately, the last few years haven’t been confident years in many firms, and acquisitions and mergers slowed down. Now, in 2021, things are starting to pick up, and we’re seeing that with the moves of these firms. California is a place many law firms want to have offices because of its importance as a state. California has a huge economy, and it’s geographically desirable on the West Coast.”

Overall, Swan says, these types of mergers are a good thing for California’s legal market. “Just because these smaller firms merged, it isn’t necessarily bad. These larger firms will most likely be expanding the ‘new’ California offices and hiring more attorneys. We love to see new legal jobs in the California market.”
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2022 brings a new outlook. The lawyer job market is recovering with a vengeance. If you're an associate or partner practicing litigation, bankruptcy, corporate, tax, real estate, intellectual property labor & employment, antitrust, health care or any number of other legal disciplines, our legal recruiters will help you chart a course in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Sacramento, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Irvine, Napa, Portland, Seattle -- all of California and the Pacific Northwest. We are experts at attorney placements -- simply the best legal headhunters in the business.
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