Using Social Media To Find A Great Legal Job
Recently, I came across an interesting blog post about lawyers and the fact that they are slow adopters of social media. As a reader of this blog, you’re already involved in social media, so you’re ahead of the curve. However, have you ever considered using social media as a way to find a job or as a way to get hired for a job that you’ve already targeted? Social media, including Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and blogs, are wonderful ways to get your name in front of hiring attorneys and recruiters.

In particular, using Linked In is a wonderful place to start. (There are, of course, many other social media sites that can be very helpful in getting a legal job, as well.) The question remains – how do you use Linked In to your advantage? It’s a great question, and there are several easy ways to use Linked In to make sure that you land the law firm job you’ve always wanted.

1. If you don’t already have a Linked In account, start one today

It’s very simple. Fill out your bio information completely. Be sure to include all of your previous career experience, your education and any other information that could be helpful for a hiring partner to know about you. Most importantly, make sure to include a professional picture. People connect more with a picture than with text.

2. Ask previous bosses and co-workers for recommendations

It is sometimes hard to ‘brag” about yourself, so let others do it for you! It’s important that potential employers see you have great skills and an incredible work ethic. Also, it doesn’t hurt to show that previous employers can’t stop raving about you.

3. Connect

Find people on the site who work within the practice area and city where you’re focusing your job search. If you’re interested in speaking with someone you don’t know but would like to know, ask one of your other connections to “introduce” you. You’ll be amazed how many people you know have connections with people you wish you knew.

4. Get involved with the site

Check in every day. Join groups of attorneys or other professionals who work within the field in which you’re interested. Be sure to update your status report and read others’ status updates. It’s also important to invite people to join you and answer connection requests you receive from others. The point is to connect with and interact with people.

5. Answer questions

Take advantage of the “Answers” section of Linked In. This is a section where people can ask questions about any number of topics. Find a topic about which you can thoroughly answer questions and answer away! Show people that you know your stuff when it comes to your area of practice. Others will take notice!

6. Post questions

It’s a great idea to ask questions, as well. This shows that you’re involved and that you’re trying to gain knowledge about the law or the legal field. Asking questions is also a great way to meet other lawyers. When they answer questions, you can ask them to connect with you and you can start a dialogue.

7. Don’t be shy

Make sure that folks know you are looking for a job. You can subtly mention on your status update that you’re “working on your resume.” You could also be more direct and ask some of your connections for informational interviews or introductions to hiring partners. As long as you are polite and considerate, you should ask for what you want.

There are so many ways to use Linked In to your advantage. The more you involve yourself on the site, the more benefit you’ll derive. Before long, you could be connected to hiring partners at the firm of your dreams.

If you have any other questions about the legal job search, contact us. We’d be happy to help. Swan Legal Search has been helping attorneys and law firms connect for more than a decade. We’re attorneys helping attorneys, and we’d be thrilled to help you!
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