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CALIFORNIA POWERHOUSES LEAD HOT LEGAL MARKET ON THE CLIMB, Law360 August, 2021: Law360's 2021 California Powerhouses have steered billions in mergers and acquisitions, represented tech and entertainment giants and shaken up the agricultural industry in a legal market that Delia Swan said was "hot and on fire."

CALIFORNIA POWERHOUSES LEVERAGE TOP TALENT IN LEGAL GOLDRUSH, Law360 August, 2018: The continuing growth of California's economy has fueled a legal gold rush across practice areas, from class actions targeting tech giants to deals and disputes in the sports and entertainment industries.

CALIFORNIA POWERHOUSES INNOVATE WITH TECH-ORIENTED CLIENTS, Law360 October, 2017: In California, as the world’s most famous innovators blur the lines between sectors like media and tech and create new industries with new legal problems, nimble firms with the ability to be as creative as their clients at solving problems locally and globally rose above the rest.

5 WAYS TO GET ON THE EQUITY PARTNER FAST TRACK, Law360 December, 2015: The path to equity partnership has kept to the traditional route over decades. But aggressive ambition alone will not clinch the position, as an attorney must also be able to work well with colleagues and earn the trust of his or her senior partners and clients.

5 REASONS YOU'LL NEVER MAKE EQUITY PARTNER, Law360 December, 2015: Even the best-laid plans sometimes go awry. Being a skilled, charismatic lawyer with the ability to win clients and dedicated to your firm and practice area are all steps up the ladder, experts say. But during the course of your career, any number of slips can spoil your chances at winning a seat at the partner table..

WHY LA ATTORNEYS ARE SMILING, Law360 August, 2015: Lawyers in Los Angeles are happier at work than their East Coast counterparts, according to a survey conducted by Law360, and experts point to lighter billable hours requirements and greater opportunities for associates to work with clients early on as reasons for the marked difference in job satisfaction.

10 BOUTIQUES GIVING BIGLAW A RUN FOR ITS MONEY, Law360 July, 2015: In a trend that has been developing for years, top boutiques continue to encroach on big firms' territory by blending the same high level of skill and expertise with a lower rate structure and greater client accessibility, analysts say.

HIRING/STAFFING TRENDS IN THE LEGAL MARKET, Law Practice Today September, 2013: We held a discussion with a sampling of recruiting specialists to explore whether the current trends in the legal market will be lasting ones.

AMLAW MIDLEVEL SURVEY IS OUT, Above the Law, August, 2012: The annual Am Law midlevel associate survey came out yesterday, and for the first time in years, satisfaction among third-, fourth-, and fifth-year associates seems to be up across the board.

SALARIES FALL FOR RECENT LAW SCHOOL GRADUATES, AM Law Daily, July 6, 2011: Lawyers a year out of law school have endured significantly less lucrative job prospects in comparison to those who graduated just a year earlier.

IN VALLEY, ASSOCIATES ARE ONCE AGAIN IN DEMAND, The Recorder, April 29, 2011: Demand for Associates in Silicon Valley has grown tremendously particularly in corporate departments.

RECRUITER SEES INCREASED DEMAND, The Recorder, July 13, 2010: Law firms across California seem to be ratcheting up their associate hiring.

PILLSBURY POACHES FROM NIXON IN N.Y., The Daily Journal Corporation, June 21, 2010: San Francisco based Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman has an eye on expansion evidenced Friday by the addition of at least 14 corporate and finance attorneys from Nixon Peabody in New York.

HIRING LAW FIRMS OFFER ‘REVERSE SIGNING BONUS, American Bar Association, May 13, 2010: The most profitable law firms increased their lateral hiring of partners last year.

CHANGING EXPECTATIONS AND INCENTIVES, The National Law Journal, May 11, 2010: Potential lateral partners take heart: Firms are still on the hunt for a few good men and women -- as long as they come with a hefty book of business that will goose the bottom line.

HALF OF FOLGER LEVIN TO JOIN CROWELL & MORING, The Recorder, October 26, 2009: Three years after Folger Levin and Kahn transferred management to a new generation of partners the San Francisco firm is splintering.

IF YOU BUILD IT, Daily Journal, February 25, 2009: For the past year and a half Erwin Chemerinsky has been building his own field of dreams.

LAID OFF LAWYERS OFTEN SUBJECTED TO SPIN CYCLE, Los Angeles Business Journal, December 15, 2008: Large law firms are experiencing a slowdown amid the souring economy and they are sending their associates packing – some openly-others quietly.

SLOWED ECONOMY, Los Angeles Daily Journal, December 10, 2008: In the slowed economy - young lawyers are giving small firms a second look.

RECRUITERS ADJUST AS LAW FIRMS' HIRING SLOWS, Los Angeles Daily Journal, November 12, 2008: Gone are high-volume associate placements but the right partners are still looking.

THE REALITY OF ASSOCIATE SALARIES, The Recorder , September 10, 2008: The relationship between firms and their recruits continues to quietly evolve.

IT'S A BUYER'S MARKET, The Recorder, May 30, 2008: According to California legal recruiters firms are spending more time now filling fewer open associate positions.

LAW FIRMS THIN STUDENT STAFFING AS BUSINESS SLOWS, Los Angeles Business Journal, April 28, 2008: The economic downturn means that law firms are seeing less business.

MIDSIZE FIRM OVERHAULS SALARY SYSTEM, The Recorder, January 14, 2008: A midsize California firm is carving its own path.

WILL LATHAM TRIGGER FAMILY LEAVE ACTS? The Recorder, December 14, 2007: Latham and Watkins announced a new parental leave policy for associates this week.

ALL IS TOO QUIET ON BONUS FRONT, The Recorder, November 30, 2007: Weeks after top New York firms started announcing lavish special bonuses on top of the usual year-end handouts; firms in California have made no moves.

OUT OF THE POCKET, Cal Law, October 17, 2007: When associates tell recruiter Delia Swan that they want some breathing room from big firm but still want to practice with top credentialed attorneys she lets them in on a little secret.

MEET THIS YEAR'S BONUS BABIES, Cal Law, October 1, 2007: The party may be over for big-law associates.

OLD SCHOOL RULES, Los Angeles Business Journal, August 7, 2006: The progressive reputation of LA belies its no-nonsense reality.

LAW FIRMS MAKE A CASE FOR RAISING NEW LAWYERS' PAY, San Francisco Business Journal, February 13, 2006: New associates seeing first raise in five years.

FIRST YEAR SALARY HIKE, The Recorder, September 22, 2005: Irell and Quinn to Hike First Year Salaries.

TAKING THE CALL, California Lawyer Magazine, August 1, 2004: If you are not looking for a job should you take a call from a recruiter?

WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME, Daily Journal Extra, December 15, 2003: Orange County is still a small business community giving young lawyers the opportunity to build a practice more easily.

HAVING IT ALL, Daily Journal Extra, October 20, 2003: Firms and their employees need to work together to make the lifestyle of a modern lawyer compatible with the lifestyle of a modern parent.

TOWNSEND PLANS SAN DIEGO OFFICE, Los Angeles Daily Journal, June 19, 2003: Swan Legal Search assists in opening San Diego office of Townsend and Townsend and Crew

CAREER MOVES, California Law Business, August 13, 2001: When contemplating a change consider using a headhunter to get the most from your job search

HUNTING SEASON, California Law Business, February 26, 2001: Will the legal recruiting industry ever rein in the maverick headhunters with whom it has a love-hate relationship?

LIVING IT UP, California Law Business, March 27, 2000: Legal recruiters are rolling in new-found dough due to skyrocketing salaries for associates at major California firms. But some ask - will these good times last?

HOPPING THE TRACK, Los Angeles Daily Journal, September 27, 1999: Many associates just do not care if they make partner - study says

SOUL SEARCHING, Los Angeles Daily Journal, September 13, 1999: Many attorneys find legal recruiting a professional and personal fit
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