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The people best equipped to help lawyers meet their career goals should be lawyers and legal professionals themselves. That's why we have one of the best placement percentages in the industry. We can help you advance your career. MORE
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We're good at this because we're lawyers like you. See what our recruiters have to say about your prospects. Write or call today to arrange a face to face conference at one of our California offices. MORE
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Our database changes daily. See what opportunities are out there. Don't see one for you? Call us. There are often positions that, due to confidential restrictions, can't be posted. MORE
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Thoughtful experience and perspective in today's job market are hard to come by. Check our articles of inside advice that will help you make intelligent choices. MORE
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Don't believe us? Check what the industry has to say about our work. Swan Legal Search has always been at the forefront of placing qualified lawyers with blue chip firms. MORE
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We work 24/7 to stay on top of the California legal market. We get results. Read what people like you and major law firms have to say about us. We've been fortunate to build productive, career-long relationships. MORE
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Swan Legal Search is comprised of former practicing attorneys and legal professionals. We focus on creating opportunities and building long term relationships with lawyers, law firms and corporate legal departments. Our success is a direct reflection of the commitment, accountability and integrity we bring to each search. We have an unprecedented passion for facilitating a fit on both a personal and professional level.
Our industry-leading information technology enables us to respond quickly with the right candidates and opportunities. After we identify potential matches, we thoroughly interview each candidate before any introduction is made to any law firm or corporation. We do this to ensure that each attorney represents a potentially good match with each firm and corporation to whom he or she is submitted.

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2022 brings a new outlook. The lawyer job market is recovering with a vengeance. If you're an associate or partner practicing litigation, bankruptcy, corporate, tax, real estate, intellectual property labor & employment, antitrust, health care or any number of other legal disciplines, our legal recruiters will help you chart a course in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Sacramento, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Irvine, Napa, Portland, Seattle -- all of California and the Pacific Northwest. We are experts at attorney placements -- simply the best legal headhunters in the business.
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I started Swan Legal Search on a simple premise: that the people best equipped to help lawyers meet their career goals should be lawyers and legal professionals themselves. They should have the kind of personal experience that can make the difference between a missed opportunity and a life-changing move.

I'm proud of the guidance we've given to hundreds of candidates and firms over the last 25 years. Many have become good friends. Swan Legal Search is dedicated to serving the needs of its clients and the attorneys with whom we work. Our goal is to help all levels of attorneys, including associates, partners and entire practice groups. We believe that great attorneys are also great people. If we can be of assistance to you or your firm, please CONTACT US.
Delia Swan
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